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Sandstone Retaining Wall Blocks


We have a variety of transport methods to suit any quantity amount from small to large jobs.

Tipped on Site is our most used and affordable option.

Price is always subject to access.

Body Truck, Truck & Trailer. 

crane truck_edited.png

Some sandstone products require a safer delivery option.

Our landscape steps for example are stacked onto pallets and craned on to site.


For the ultimate safety we also have an option of forklift truck.

For those jobs where access is a problem.

We will stack your blocks / sandstone products onto pallets and unload them on site with our forklift in your desired location.


Because we deliver interstate and all over australia we also have the option of semi trailers and B double trucks.

This option is perfect if you would like to take advantage of bigger orders or you have your own machinery on site to unload. i.e Excavator with grab or forklift.

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